Who we are

Domotech is a project for a new vision of living, made possible by a work team able to design and create a new way of inhabiting and making use of our everyday living spaces.
The need to integrate technology into our living spaces is becoming more frequent and urgent to make them more comfortable, safer and closer to the modern requirements of environmental sustainability. A lifestyle which is, above all, a way of understanding our present and future, a vision which Domotech interprets and bears witness to.

The project is based on the sophisticated and heterogeneous competencies of the Domotech work team: rigorous design and accurate programming merge with taste and an elegant creative streak, resulting in projects which are as easy to use as they are sophisticated in their functions, where technology and design merge to cater to the real needs of customers.

Domotech was set up in spring 2012 and avails of thirty years of experience gained in the industrial and residential plant engineering sector. Setting a goal, ongoing research and team work are the core requirements of success. Today, Domotech is involved in a long-term development plan targeted at meeting the architectural, design and planning world, which also includes important international prospects. Domotech is the ideal counterparty for a high-profile clientele who increasingly requests a high level of expertise, technical competency and, last but not least, the ability to thrill.